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Mata basenowa
Swimming-pool mat
The mat perfectly prevents from slipping. It can also be used in gardens, cloakrooms or spa.

Anti-slip profiles
We offer profiles, tapes, anti-slip strips which considerably reduce the risk of slipping.
Household doormats
Doormats from our household line are products of high quality and an ideal interior decoration.


65cm x 25/30/35cm
Transparent covers
Nakładka przezroczyste na schody
Standard sizes:

Protective covers CLEAR have two functions. They protect and prevent the surface against scratching and they protect against accidental slipping. Transparent covers make the colour and the texture of stairs more visible. The covers have the anti-slip certificate.

Strong glue layer provides easy and fast assembly. After removing the covers, the sticking layer does not remain on stairs.

They can also be used while building or redecorating a place in order to protect the stairs.

Cover thickness; 0,2 mm

Stair mat Arabeska

Module construction
Mata Arabeska na śliskie schody
Stair mat ARABESKA designed for places with heavy traffic intensity considerably reduces the risk of slipping especially in winter time, in summer time it functions as a doormat. Two options: with corundum ( material with strong anti-slip properties) or without corundum.

Possibility to dismantle it easily and fast in summer time. Module construction enables to set the mat into a desired size.

Standard set consists of the mat with dimensions 127x28 cm and 1,8cm high, the comb fixing the mat to stairs, the drive-on profile fixed to the edge of the mat.

Assembly: using dowels or self-adhesive tape


Elastic construction
Mata Frost na śliskie schody
FROST mat is designed for places with low traffic intensity. It is a good solution for slippery stairs. The mat reduces the risk of slipping on stairs especially in winter time. In addition, it functions as an entrance doormat.

Easy and firm fixing the mat to the stairs. A special comb fixing the mat to stairs enables lifting it in order to clean the tread out of snow or dirt.

Regular cleaning guarantees its proper functioning.

Assembly: using dowels or self-adhesive tape


27cm x 80/100/120cm
Aluminium construction
Mata Alustep na śliskie schody
Assembly: using dowels or self-adhesive tape
It is an exclusive mat for slippery stairs, which cleans footwear and considerably reduces the risk of slipping especially in the rainy season or in winter time. ALU STEP also works as an advanced cleaning system of system doormats.

High resistance to low and high temperatures. It is assembled by fixing it to stairs or by fixing it with a special slat. On the base of the mat there is the rubber inset which makes it difficult for the mat/doormat to move. The mat can be used in places with high traffic intensity. It is easy to assemble and dismantle.

A special comb fixing the mat to stairs allows for lifting it in order to clean the tread out of snow or dirt. It is possible to dismantle the mat and clean it in any moment.

Professional Line

Size (cm)
Very hard material
Properties:Resistant to scrubbing
Stair treads have high functional properties. They can be used ethier in flats and offices or public places as well.

Stair treads from our Professional Line are made of the material with increased durability and exceptional aesthetic qualities. The stair tread can also function as a doormat. Stair treads are exceptionally durable and resistant to scrubbing. It is possible to walk on it with shoes.

Thanks to the profiled PVC angle bar, the tread does not stick out and provides safe use. It protects and prevents stairs against scratching.